Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 things I have learned while travelling...

1) Don't forget to meet random people in the airport- the old timers almost always have good advice... even if your not lost, ask for directions. It will often turn into a short chat, and it seems to make my airport experience that much better!

2) Check your passport 5 times a minute.

3) Listen to the different languages around you... if one of them seems interesting (as in you have never heard it before) then you should try and learn it! If it caught your attention, then your going to have no problem finding the time to become fluent in it. For me, I find Swedish extremely fascinating... so I am currently learning how to speak it from a Swedish student!

4) Think about your life and those who make your life so wonderful. Cherish them by telling them how much you care about their existence in your life.

5) Get to know yourself when you are sightseeing. You are so happy to be learning and seeing new things... why not try learning and seeing new things about yourself. I am amazed how much I learn about myself when I am in a 'different' place that is full of surprises. 

6) Don't just take mental notes and visual memories, take photos! Grab a nice SLR camera on Ebay or Trademe and start snapping pictures! Use your pictures to tell help tell a story to your friends and family about your travels. Don't bother with a bad camera, you will regret it!

7) Write a diary (online or personal)... keep quotes that you hear, write about people you meet and what you like about them, and also how certain situations made you feel. When your feeling down, or you just want a refresher on your travels and all your good times, your diary will come in handy! It will help you remember how to feel amazing!

8) Don't trust anyone, except those who have been travelling with you for a long time. But don't not trust everyone...  it will really ruin your experience if you are not open to new things. I have found the happy medium, by checking my passport (in my pocket) constantly and keeping my money and valuables in my front pocket. Besides my passport and money, most other things are replaceable. 

9) Ask to become facebook friends with those whom you meet along the way. If you really enjoy someones company, or have met someone who you think is just so unique, ask them to connect on facebook. It may seem awkward at first, but in the end, you will be so happy you did... because now, you can see where they go in their travels, and keep in contact! It is so cool to watch others' adventures... knowing that you could do the same adventure one day. Also, who knows, he or she could be your best friend for the rest of your life!

10) Cherish the moment. Don't rush anything, soak in your surroundings, and realize that in no time at all, you will be back to work or school, and living the 'real life.' Not that it is a bad thing, but travelling is just so much fun! If you can remember that the moment won't last forever, you will appreciate what you are doing more, and will feel so much more accomplished, than if you just get wasted and party 24/7.